Seating furniture up, cabinet furniture down

An increase in volume occurred – according to the latest data that is I-XI 2013 in monitored groups, only in the case of seats convertible into beds.

The increase in this group was  over 7% compared to the same period of 2012.

In regard to the latest monthly data – November 2013 – only in the case of seats convertible into beds we can noted an increase in the volume. In compared to November 2012 the growth in this group was about 6%.

When it comes to the dynamic. Kitchen furniture group noted the lowest volume dynamic in this period, because only 71,1.

The biggest decrease in volume value in the period of I-XI 2013 was observed in kitchen furniture ( the dynamic 75,3) in compare to I-XI 2012. A downward situation in this group is the same for a long time. It’s because of building condition and the number of buildings completed. B+R Studio has been informed about this worrying situation in August.

What’s interesting, in October 2013 the kitchen furniture production volume in compare to September showed the highest dynamic ( 124), among all  four monitored groups. In October 2013 the rest of groups also noted an increase in compare to the previous month. Kitchen furniture was at the head of them.

We should take into account that CSO monitors only four groups, so increases that are noted take place in other furniture groups, such as in the group of furniture elements.