Success abroad, fiasco in the country

Optimistic mood increases among consumers, but the situation on domestic market doesn’t give a reason for satisfaction to furniture manufacturers. Unfortunately, still the value of expenditures of individual clients for furniture is far from the value from 2009. This prolonged situation influences negative on the whole furniture industry and related areas.

For the main reason of this negative situation on the domestic market, we can consider unfavourable moods in society. The number of buildings completed and building permits doesn’t increase.

The last result don’t bode well for current situation. Accrued value of the number of buildings completed between January – December 2013 was 146 thousand. It means a decrease by about 4,4% in compare to 2012. If we mention about building permits. In 2013 building permits were given less about 16% in compare to 2012. Undoubtedly, we have bad news about the number of dwellings started. In 2013 this number decreased  about 10% in compare to 2012. We build less and less furniture we buy to flats.

Manufacturers can be worried, because the results presented above, show no rapid improvement on the domestic market. What is more, manufacturers look for new customers abroad. Manufacturers in 2013 effectively were looking for customers abroad, which is confirmed by the results. Furniture industry, set the record again in furniture export.