The highest sale of furniture

The latest results should be optimistic for furniture manufacturers, because total sold furniture production in 2013 ( includes August) reached a level of 18 011,9 million PLN. In the same time in 2012, total production was 17 366, 7 million PLN. It means that the dynamic reached the level of 1,03. It is a good result.

Taking into account monthly data, sold production in August 2013 was 2 396,4 million PLN, whereas in June 2013 it was 2 118,6 million PLN. In this case, the dynamic is 1,13.

It should be notice that a high result of furniture sold production  for August 2013 is the highest since the beginning of 2013.

It is due to export of furniture on foreign markets, as B+R Studio informs you in the report ‚ Eastern Europe Markets 2013’.