The place of Polish furniture in the world

Polish furniture industry belongs to the group of production end export leaders in the world.  Official statistical data gathered from individual countries  indicates that during the last few years we moped up tom 8 position in the world in furniture production value categories. Above us are: China, the USA, Italy, Germany, Japan and Brasil.

The latest official data which was available for comparable countries is data by 2011. From this comparision we can see Poland which in 2011 in terms of value was 8 furniture manufacturer in the world – value is counted in USD. The difference between Poland and Great Britain is small 0,7 billion USD and with determining the place in the ranking in coming years, very significant is exchange rate  of pounds and zloty used in counting production to USD.

The ranking of countries – the biggest in the world furniture manufacturers, made by B+R Studio Furniture Market Analysis is as follow ( production value in billion USD by 2011).

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