They bought more furniture – Poles declarations

Percentage of respondents who declared  buying furniture in 2013 was 25,7 %. In previous year, studies of B+R Studio Furniture Market Analysis and Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers – ‘Poles expenses on furniture’ , the percentage of people who bought furniture was 23%. In this year is much better.

Unfortunately the share in this increase, was caused mainly by the results noted in the group of complementary furniture. The percentage of people who declared buying complementary  furniture in the previous year was 3%, but in this year it is 4,9%.

Furniture market research  realized by B+R Studio are consistent action in terms of nuances and trends in furniture purchases by individual clients.

In the previous year it was made the first in a long time all-Poland research of furniture market. Research which in 2012 was renew from the initiative B+R Studio, now it has been repeated, expanded and made again on the representative group of Poles. The results will occur in the report ‘Poles expenses on furniture 2014’.