Unremitting revival of furniture production

According to data published by CSO, from the beginning of the year furniture manufacturers don’t idle  and they have achieved very good results in compare to the same period of 2013. One of the factors which confirmed this phenomena is production volume size of selected furniture groups. We mention about it in the previous commentary. Another good news is results of industry in furniture production in I quarter of 2014. The value of furniture production for the period I-III 2014 was 7 992 million PLN according to 6 871 million PLN in I-III 2013. The dynamic was 1,16.

According to official data about the value of produced furniture in Poland in 2013, it’s noted a growth about 6% in compare to 2012 and it was 28,3 billion PLN. We can mention, that according to forecasts in the report “ Polish Furniture Outlook 2014 “ B+R Studio, furniture production in 2013 might achieve 30,5 billion PLN. Meanwhile, the results for I quarter of 2014 are the basis to argue, that the forecast of furniture production for 2014 which was estimated by B+R Studio is more likely.

According to B+R Studio experts in 2014 the furniture production value will achieve 31,5 billion PLN. At the same it would mean that in this year a new record in this scope will be set.