We have a new record in furniture industry

As we can see in new data provided by CSO, the sold production value of furniture for the whole group in 2013 was 31,4 bln PLN. At the same, it means the growth about 9% in compare to 2012 and new record.

We should remind you, that previous record in sold production vale occurred  in 2011 and achieved 30,2 bln PLN. According to forecasts in the report ‘Polish Furniture Outlook 2014’ B+R Studio, furniture production in 2013 should reach 30,5 bln PLN. Meanwhile, the official result was surprising and for sure it’s one of the most important news in furniture industry in  recent times. B+R Studio estimates, that in 2014 will be continued growth in the value of produced furniture  in Poland.


Current information about furniture sector is available on www.brstudio.eu and http://wiktorski.blog.pl/