We know how much furniture we will export in 2012

It is estimated that the value of Polish furniture export in 2012 will amount to 6.6 billion euro. This will mean a nearly 3% increase to the result of 2011, which amounted 6.4 billion euro. This information is from the newest forecast made by B+R Studio Furniture Market analysis experts.

The ways of Polish furniture export have been the same for years. In this year among major customers are EU countries and the USA,  although in total amount Polish furniture go to 139 countries. In 55 of these countries supplies will exceed 1 million euro. Comparing this data to 2011, a total number of customers will probably decrease by 15 countries and those with supplies over 1 million euro by 4 countries. It hadn’t an influence on blockade of export sales development, which growth  is between 2,5-2,9%  according to the euro.

Furniture industry should be satisfied with this year export results. Zloty exchange rate to euro is on good level and export to major customer increases. The highest growth dynamic is noted in Russia, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovakia and Denmark – over 10%. Export limitations are in Italy, Spain, the USA, Canada and Switzerland  – noted decrease over 10%.

It is hard to assess furniture export results in 2012. According to B+R Studio estimations furniture export value in 2012 will exceed 6,6 billion euro, while the weight of exported furniture will decrease by 0,9%. From the ranking of the top 20 countries which are customers of Polish furniture, the export value increased in 12 of them and in 8 of them decreased.

Western European countries still have financial problems, but it doesn’t affect Germany as much as other countries. It should be mentioned that  Germany is the biggest customer of Polish furniture. In 2012 export here will increase by 6.6%.