Worse March for furniture manufacturers.

According to CSO, sold production of furniture companies in March was by 11,3% lower than in the same period of previous year.

March is traditionally the best spring month in selling furniture. In 2011 March very clearly stood out among months of the first half of the year. Increase in compare to previous month (February 2011) by 15,6%.

Present data suggest, that sold production value in March of 2012 is higher by about 1,5% than in February .

In addition, available data from German market (January-February 2012) indicate on good dynamic of German furniture industry – the main partner of Polish furniture manufacturers – i.e. 10,3 % after two months. Domestic sale and German export sale increased comparably.

Therefore, March result is under expectations, but it is not the basis to verification of forecasts results industry for 2012 which assume increase of the sold production value by 4,6%.

More precise data will be given at the beginning of May, after the publication of economic indicators reading and turnovers by industries.

The dynamic of sold production value of furniture industries with more than 9 employees

March 2012/March 2011=0,909 which is decrease by -9,1%

March 2012/February2012=1,041 which is increase by 4,1%

Just like in previous years, March is the best spring month in selling furniture, but still it is not as noticeable as in 2011, when the result was surprisingly good.

From four groups of furniture manufacturers monitored by CSO, after three months – in three groups there is noted accumulate better result than a year ago ( except wooden furniture for bedrooms). March was a month of increased furniture production for all groups in compare to February 2012. But if we compare to March of previous year, two furniture groups have worse results.